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Toilet Roll Holder Kenya – Getting all your finishing touches just right? It’s another one of those Little Bathroom Victories…

It may seem like one of the least important decisions you’ll ever make in your life, yet there are many things you’ll need to think about when choosing a toilet roll holder for your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom. And here’s what you should take into account first.

1. Style

It’s always best to choose a toilet roll holder which complements the general style of your bathroom. A simple, unfussy design will suit a more modern bathroom, whereas a more traditional look demands a vintage style accessory.

2. Colour

Chrome is the standard finish for many bathroom accessories, however, this doesn’t mean you need to stick rigidly to tradition. These days, you’ll find a wide choice of colours and finishes to complement your bathroom. For example, you could opt for a black coloured toilet roll holder(Like the one in the picture below) to fit with a monochrome colour scheme, or other metallic finishes like copper or gold, for a unique look and feel.

toilet roll holder kenya

3. Wall mounted or freestanding?

Whilst most toilet roll holders are designed to be wall mounted, there are some freestanding alternatives you may wish to consider, especially if you really don’t want to drill into your wall. The brilliantly-named bathroom butler (pictured below), provides a handy all-in-one solution, containing a toilet brush and holder, plus a toilet roll holder.

4. Wall fixing

And speaking of wall fixings, it is always worth considering the type of wall you’ll be drilling into. Plasterboard and brickwork are relatively easy but drilling into tiles can be more difficult. If you’re really not comfortable with drilling into your walls, you can find toilet roll holders which can be glued on instead.

5. Loose or secured?

For easy use, many toilet roll holders come with a simple design, where you can slip the toilet roll on and off the main arm. However, if you have young children or pets, a toilet roll holder where the roll is fully secured (usually using a spring mechanism) may be better. This helps prevent your toilet roll getting knocked off and, in a worst case scenario, flushed down the pan, resulting in a blocked toilet.

toilet paper holder

6. Position

The height and position of your toilet roll holder is all-important! Too high and children might not be able to use it, too low and you may end up with a bad back! Ideally, it should be easily accessible from a seated position, especially if the toilet is to be used by those with restricted mobility. Plus, make sure it’s clear of obstructions like radiators or cabinets.

7. Coordination

One way of ensuring your bathroom design is as stylish and cohesive as it can possibly be is to purchase as part of a coordinated bathroom accessory set.

bathroom accessories set kenya

8. Commercial or domestic use?

If you’re buying for use in a commercial setting, like a shop, café, office or gym, you may wish to consider a specific commercial toilet roll holder. These can be lockable, vandal-resistant and suitable for larger rolls.

toilet roll holder kenya


9. Which way should it hang?

The final question you need to ask is “Which way should I hang my toilet roll?”.

When the toilet roll holder was invented, the original patent diagrams show the loose end of the toilet roll facing to the front—so by this logic, it is technically the “correct” way to hang it.

So, are you a front-facing conformist or a wall-facing rebel? Or maybe you simply don’t care? Whatever your preference, who knew a toilet roll holder could speak volumes about our own personalities!

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