Towel Storage Solutions That Will Make you Fall in Love with your Bathroom, Kitchen, and Balcony

towel rails for bathrooms

Towel Storage Solutions That Will Make you Fall in Love with your Bathroom, Kitchen, and Balcony

Nothing says relax like nice shower after a long day of grappling with the world. A good shower comes in handy whenever you need to reenergize and revitalize. It is even more relaxing when all you want is to enjoy minimal flexing of muscles. We all have a moment of plain laziness and feeling beaten. It is okay to let the water do its work, uninterrupted.

Good bath hardware ensures that your bath is stress-free. It is even better when the hardware is modern and elegant. If you are looking for ways to relax with a sense of accomplishment, having stylish embellishments in your bathroom is one of the few proven ways of getting there, and modern towel technology is a significant part of this journey. If you wish to pimp your bathroom and relax like the royals, grab yourself some towel rings, towel bars, towel rails, or towel shelves with bars.

Why bother to have towel holders in the bathroom?

towel rails for bathrooms

Towel holders carry for you the burden of seeking a space to place your towel. The bathroom is a moist area that can mess up your sanitation towel if it is not properly placed. You do not wish to keep worrying about the cleanliness of this treasured item. After all, the health of your skin is a priority at all times, right?

Better still, towel holders are advantageous in that they preserve your bathroom wall. If you are contemplating drilling holes on your wall, you may want to reconsider. Your wall does not have to suffer many undeserved perforations in pursuit of extensions to hang your towel. And traditional nails, wood and other similar material are as outdated as they can be. However, a stylish towel holder will ensure the adjustments are minor and minimal for the sake of the health of your wall.

Available choices

At Pristine Interiors, you have the leeway to choose what best works for you. You can choose your favorite design from a list of several selections. Having dominion over the kind of interiors that your house dons feels good. Right? Let us delve into the contemporary selection of towel holders from which you can choose:

Towel Rings


  • Matt Black Round Towel Ring

Black Round Towel Ring

Not only is this towel ring modern, it is also resistant to scratches, and any form of corrosion. It is the perfect towel ring for a perfect bathroom. It matches the typical Kenyan bathroom by being simple to mount, and stylish enough to place you amongst the elegant. If you treasure black as your symbol of strength and power, then the Matt black round towel ring is the choice for you.

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  • Chrome-plated Round Towel Ring

towel rings in Kenya

The chrome-plated medallion towel ring is the modern-day bathroom charm. Above style and durability, this modern towel ring offers the ultimate ‘rich experience’ of having rare and exquisite bathroom accessories. An added advantage about this round towel ring is that it combines the elements of affordability and elegance. There is not a better way of enjoying the small pleasures being part of your life, this affordable but modern accessory ensures that you enjoy every moment of pulling and tucking away the towel, thanks to the smooth and shiny surface.

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Towel Bars and Rails

How about a selection of towel bars for your bathroom, kitchen, and balcony? Let’s explore some of the most preferred towel bars that can ace any of these most endeared parts of the house:

  • Single Towel Rail


towel bars in Kenya

Stainless steel has always found space in the hearts of those who dread rust and the shame it tags along. If you are one of them, here is the solution you have always wanted for your bathroom, kitchen sink, and any other moist area. Besides keeping rust at bay, the single towel rail is modishly compressed to occupy the smallest space possible. If you are talking of the ideal towel rail that can save on space, say no more.

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  • Single Towel Rail with Hooks

There is just something comforting about choice, a bossy inner feeling that is part of the small pleasures of life. This single holder gives you the freedom to choose between liberal hooks and a sparkling rail when hanging bath towels, face towels, or clothes in the desired order. Would you prefer it on the wall or the door? Again, the choice is yours. You can derive that pleasure from this compressed towel holder, with the added advantage being that it saves on your space too. You can never be wrong with this option.

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  • High Density Single Towel Bar

single towel bar

Taking a slow bath while sipping the drink that your glands appreciate most while admiring a collection of rich items sounds like a sweet life if not a dream come true. This is the simplistic description of how it feels to have high density gold towel bars in your bathroom. Besides its aesthetic value, this towel holder is famed for being strong enough to handle weighty towels without getting malformed. It can handle more than the average weight of 2 hand towels or 2 clothes or 1 bath towel Seems like a reliable support material in case you need something to hold on while scrubbing your feet, right?

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  • Double Towel Bars For Bathroom and Kitchen Towel


double towel bar

The site of a kitchen is enough to flood the mouth. It is much more appetizing when everything within this special room is stylish, clean, and well-arranged. The double towel bar for kitchen towels best suits the description of the technologies that can assist you to achieve these and other qualities of a remarkable kitchen. It is especially loveable for its luxurious look and ease of installation. The double rail towel holder is ideal for use by a family, in hotels, and other places in which several persons need to hang their towels. You can now kiss goodbye all the stresses of looking for extra space to place your towels.

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  • High Density Double Towel Bar

A sense of fortification combined with space matches the quality demands of a large bathroom. The durability of this high density double towel bar raises it to the level of the most preferable choice for the contemporary bathrooms that are spacious enough for satisfactory relaxation. If you are thinking of constructing a home that is worth the title, consider the high density double towel bar for you, your family, and visitors. The towel bar is also suited for use in public places like hospitals and hotels.

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Towel Shelves

Among the most brilliant bathroom storage hacks is the use of towel shelves. These amazing storage items allow you to keep both wet and dry towels without either affecting the other. The top is a horizontal shelf, mainly for dry folded towels, and the lower side has rails and/or hooks for wet use- the tale of killing two birds with one stone.


  • Aluminum Champagne Towel Shelf

This brass shelf offers the basic functionality of a towel shelf through a wide 60cm long top, hooks, and a towel rail at the bottom. The size of this towel shelf makes it suitable for use in bulky areas, including hotels, barber shops, and hospitals. Above all, its strength and ease of installation place it in the list of the most superior varieties. If you are looking for superior quality, look no further.

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Turning your bathroom into a spacious spa, or balcony into alluring respite, or kitchen into a ravish cookhouse demands some effort. However, with the above information, all you need is to act on it by purchasing what your eyes and sense of taste directs you to do. If you need any of the aforementioned, feel free to contact us at Pristine Interiors for more elaborate information and timely delivery. With us in your speed dial, you can never walk alone.


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